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 Put simply, my practice philosophy is to provide genuinely helpful guidance, advice and legal services in a manner that yields true value to my clients. I believe in leaving a client’s situation in a redeemed state because I touched it. I desire to only perform services, and charge legal fees for assistance that is genuinely needed and desired by clients and to, therefore, produce the greatest value added because of my involvement. My professional standard is to provide legal services at the highest level of quality and to only accept client relationships in which I am able to provide the needed legal services at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency. For other legal services not among my areas of practice or in the event I believe another attorney may provide particular legal services more effectively or efficiently than I, then I am pleased to refer you to attorney colleagues who have high levels of expertise in such areas if possible. These areas of referral may include, for example, personal injury, marital relations, civil or criminal litigation, immigration, bankruptcy among other areas of practice.


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