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 ESTATE PLANNING AND ADMINISTRATION/PROBATE:   Estate planning generally involves providing legal advice as to the most effective, sensible and cost effective manner (including minimizing estate and income taxes, probate fees and other costs) to arrange one’s affairs upon their death and/or lifetime assets transfers. If this is not done properly you and your family are at risk of losing your life savings. These services, therefore, include the drafting of Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts,  Living Wills, Powers of Attorney among other legal instruments, strategies and techniques. Higher net worth individuals whether with careers in a larger corporate executive environment, business owners or entrepreneurs as well as individuals of more modest means generally all need such services which I can provide at, generally, a very reasonable cost in a value added manner.   Estate Administration, which often (but not always) includes Probate Court involvement can be either a very satisfying and efficient timely process or potentially, in some situations, rife with family or other conflict and unnecessary delay and cost. If a love one dies and you have not taken the appropriate action a family can experience extreme and unnecessary financial and other tragedy. My view and approach is to first carefully plan ahead to minimize potential risks of problems and to listen carefully regarding unique family circumstances, challenges, needs and other dynamics and to offer common sense and legally effective solutions. I explain to clients and families, if desired, exactly how the process works and seek to ascertain the client’s and family’s intent and capability to divide the work involved between attorney and client to achieve the desired efficiency and cost effectiveness. In some situations this can be an extremely stressful process and I am very sensitive to that and will seek to listen carefully to minimize or eliminate that serious burden and stress.    

ELDER LAW:  The practice of Elder Law involves the financial and healthcare issues typically related to an older or elderly client. Certainly a parent or family member’s health and quality of life could be at great risk as well as a family’s entire net worth. These services also often include strategic planning regarding Medicaid and Title XIX Planning and, if necessary application before the state government agencies for such services. Often a fundamental issue is to arrange for a spouse who is continuing to live in their home to not become impoverished because a spouse’s health needs necessitate expensive skilled health care. It is important to note that when I am approached by the middle age or younger family member with respect to the legal needs of a parent or other older family member, except in unusual circumstances, my ethical and legal obligations would be in support of that elderly or older parent or other family member rather than the typically younger family member. As such the elderly or older family member should be clear and satisfied that my obligation would, therefore, be to them. These legal needs typically include issues related to being sure the elderly client’s Estate Planning Needs are completed while they are still fully competent to execute legal documents such as a Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, Living Will/Health Care Instructions and Directives, Power of Attorney, and Naming of Conservator, as applicable. Often this process also involves transfer(s) of property and Deeds if appropriate. There are also typically issues related to obtaining appropriate skilled, homemaking and related and other care for the client and family and to assist in identifying the most sensible housing arrangement whether it be assisted living or other arrangement. When a family member needs assistance to care for themselves or their assets particularly Voluntary Conservatorships are sometimes advisable and I am pleased to successfully advise and guide families through that process if necessary.   

BUSINESS FORMATION AND TRANSACTIONAL (BUYING, SELLING AND INVESTING IN BUSINESSES):  I provide services related to forming or creating new businesses whether Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Partnership, Joint Venture or other arrangement. Essential in this process is that I go well beyond simply forming a new entity as I provide insight related to my financial, accounting and business management background to provide guidance for a new business to maximize a client’s long term success. I do not simply form an entity and move on. I make sure I understand the business operation and goals so I can advise most usefully. I also provide the service of representing clients selling or acquiring a business or investing in a business.  Again, in this situation as well, I seek to understand the deeper dynamics of a specific business environment to create better value and avoid dangerous risks.  Often related services include Shareholder or Operating Agreements among co-owners, Succession Planning, Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement and Non-Compete Agreements and Employment Contracts.  




 Put simply, our practice philosophy is to provide genuinely helpful guidance, advice and legal services in a manner that yields true value to my clients. We believe in leaving a client’s situation in a redeemed state because we were of service. We desire to only perform services for assistance that is genuinely needed and desired by clients and to, therefore, produce the greatest value added because of my involvement. Our professional standard is to provide legal services at the highest level of quality and to only accept client relationships in which we are able to provide the needed legal services at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency. For other legal services not among our areas of practice or in the event we believe another attorney may provide particular legal services more effectively or efficiently than us, then we are pleased to refer you to attorney colleagues who have high levels of expertise in such areas if possible. These areas of referral may include, for example, personal injury, marital relations, civil or criminal litigation, immigration, bankruptcy among other areas of practice.


  Member of Connecticut and New York bars and non-practicing Certified Public Accountant with a practice concentration in Estate Planning and Probate, Elder Law, Tax Collection and Business Transactional Matters. Received J.D. from The American University, Washington College of Law (1982), B.S. Central Connecticut State College, Accounting (1978). Formerly with the tax department of Price Waterhouse in New York City and a former Revenue Agent with the Internal Revenue Service in Washington D.C. Frequent public speaker regarding estate and business planning.

Served three terms (2005-2010) elected as State Representative in the 132nd Connecticut General Assembly District in Fairfield, Connecticut. Twice elected to the Fairfield, Connecticut Representative Town Meeting (town legislature). Former legislative host of Cablevision government access public affairs television program "Connecticut Conversations". Currently appointed as Chairman of Town of Fairfield, CT Ethics Commission, board member GBAPP (formerly Greater Bridgeport Adolescent Pregnancy Program), and substitute religious school teacher at St. Augustine in Bridgeport, CT. Formerly board member Fairfield Beach Residents Association and mentor at McKinley Elementary School in Fairfield. Attorney Drew is married to and works with his wife Madelen with three children, Mallory, Andres and Joseph



 As a State Representative, Attorney Drew was recognized by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council with the “Regional Impact Legislator Award” in 2010 awarded annually by this business organization to the Connecticut legislator having the greatest positive impact to the state, particularly for his achievements regarding “smart growth” economic development and the first ever Comprehensive and Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) in Connecticut. Also, as State Representative, Attorney Drew was awarded the 2007 “Friends of Public Transportation” award by the Connecticut Association for Community Transportation annually presented to the individual having the greatest leadership and dedication to the enhancement of public transportation in Connecticut.